Decide Which 50% and Go for It

Approximately one out of every  two students – that’s 50% – who begin a doctoral degree fail to complete it. However, that means that 50% of students do successfully persist and complete their degrees. In fact, in 2009 in the United States alone, nearly 50,000 individuals successfully completed a doctoral program (NSF, 2009).

So, pursuing a doctoral degree, or any degree for that matter, is risky, but success is possible. Persistence and degree completion is more likely accomplished when risks and challenges are understood, skills are developed, and research and analysis  knowledge is applied.

Who Can Benefit From TheDoctoralJourney.com

Whether you’re a doctoral candidate, graduate or undergraduate student, or researcher, I want to facilitate you in developing skills and research and analysis knowledge to help you be successful in reaching your goal — passing a statistics class, successfully defending a dissertation, or publishing a research project. Thus, The Doctoral Journey offers writing, methodological, statistical, and quantitative resources — many free — that can help you just as they have helped hundreds of others learn the knowledge and skills needed so they are better prepared to beat the odds and complete their courses, research projects, or doctoral journeys.

Committed and Qualified to Help You Succeed

As the developer of this website and resources and as co-editor of Navigating the Doctoral Journey, I am committed to making sure that students have the tools that they need to persist in their degree programs and reach their goals.

Over the past 6 years serving as a doctoral faculty, I have developed and implemented processes, policies, online and mobile resources, Web-based quantitative design and analysis trainings, and YouTube analysis tutorials aimed at facilitating students’ success in their research and statistics courses and completion of  their dissertations. I have served on the committee of  over two dozen EdD candidates who successfully defended their dissertations, and I have mentored over two hundred EdD candidates who successfully defended their dissertations.

Further, I have authored and co-authored more than three dozen peer-reviewed journal articles and presented and co-presented over 50 professional presentations nationally and internationally, focusing on doctoral persistence and effective distance education teaching strategies. My hope is that you find these resources helpful, as many other students and researchers have, in achieving your academic and research goals and to overcome the challenges faced that often lead to attrition.

How This Website Can Help You

All the best on your journey!

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Amanda J. Rockinson-Szapkiw, LPC, EdD